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Some New Year Tips

It’s the most inspiring time of year to start an exercise regime, get fit and keep focused while having some fun and no better way than jigging to our very own Fitness Fusion routines. The first few weeks starting back dancing can be tough on the legs so here are a few tips for motivation and flexibility.

HYDRATION-Increase your water during the day to keep you energized during fitness fusion classes.

STRETCHING- Make the most out of our stretching time at the end and start of class. It increases flexibility, reduces injuries and helps with all of the high kicks and up and overs.

NEW SHOES - There is nothing worse than dancing with blisters. Invest in compeed plasters (wear before the blister occurs) and wear your new shoes around the house                    for 10mins daily to help break them in. Also rub some Vaseline on the heel of the shoe on the inside of the leather to help with the friction. New to the market are "Ankle Booties" -check these out on the Inishfree website!

INJURY PRONE - Take warm baths with Epsom salts to relieve cramps and relax muscles. For old injuries try icepacks on the affected areas to relieve any inflammation. "Zeel" is an excellent cream available in heath food stores for recovery of shin splints.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE - As the saying goes "Practice makes perfect”. To make the most out of every class, a little bit of practice during the week will help keep the moves fresh in your mind, your muscles warm and joints flexible enabling progress in your next class.

The Fitness Fusion Team are hardworking, focused and dedicated in providing challenging and fun routines to all the adult Irish dancers in Galway. Whether you always had a love for Irish Dancing or want to try out a new form of exercise come along, bring your friends for an hour of fun filled exercise- Forget Jogging – Get Jigging. We guarantee you will work up a sweat!


Mystic Force - Professional Irish Dance

Mystic Force
Professional Irish Dance Show

Mystic Force Professional Irish Dance Show specializes in wedding entertainment throughout Galway, Mayo, Clare, Roscommon, Westmeath and Limerick.


McCole School of Dance

McCole School of Irish Dance
for children

The McCole School of Irish Dance was established in September 2009 and are currently registering children their classes in all locations.



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